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With the onset of 2017, we wish our customers a happy and prosperous New Year. At E&F, we are committed to make available relevant books and booklets developed especially for the forensic rehabilitation community. We would also encourage members of the International Association of Rehabilitations Professionals and the American Board of Vocational Experts to submit manuscripts to the editors of their respective journals (see Journal section) as copy is always needed for the editors to consider in creating the journal issues (information on editors and contact information is available for each journal). In the coming months we hope to expand our website to include a whole new area of interesting products – keep an eye out for this development.


E & F, Inc. will remain committed to our mission – "To provide quality resources for the rehabilitation profession." As in the past, we are focused on developing resources for the forensic rehabilitation consultant, and most of our publications and content reflect this endeavor.  Tim Field will continue to serve as a occasional speaker at national and state conferences while maintaining and developing publications - primarily the professional journals.


It is also our pledge to provide the best service we can in responding to consumers in the field, and promptly deliver the resources upon request in a timely manner. Finally, we at E & F always look forward to working with writers, contributors and authors for both books and journals.  While our primary role is that of being a publisher to the several journals, we can facilitate manuscripts and opinion writing to the most appropriate editor and journal.  Even during these tough financial times, developing new information and ideas is essential for the life-blood of our profession.


Best wishes and have a healthy and productive year.

Elliott & Fitzpatrick, Inc.


New in Classic Resources

Forensic Casebook: Vocational and Economic Reports

The Forensic Casebook is a resource which reproduces case reports which were actually processed and/or adjudicated in state and federal courts. The book contains twenty-two cases written by nineteen different rehabilitation professionals with considerable experience in the field of forensic rehabilitation and economics. Read more

– Now Available —

A History of
Private Sector Rehabilitation
Tim Field spent two years attempting to research, recreate and record the private sector rehabilitation movement – from the early years in the late 1970s and the approximately twenty years following. While a few of the early “founders” have already departed, many of the early players submitted information and narratives from what they were able to recall. Discussion is provided of the progression of rehabilitation laws, policies, and regulations, and the general historical context during which the profession of the private sector developed. To add to the larger picture of what evolved during those years, Tim asked people to write about their experiences during the formative years of the profession, as well as their own journey(s) through the 1980s and 1990s. Read more


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