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Elliott & Fitzpatrick, Inc. is a major source of published materials for the vocational rehabilitation (and related) professional. Publications are developed primarily for professionals working in the private sector of rehabilitation and related forensic issues (expert testimony, life care planning, occupational information, etc.).


Elliott & Fitzpatrick was founded and incorporated in 1980 by Timothy F. Field and Janet E. Field and is registered with the State of Georgia as a consulting and publishing company in the field of Rehabilitation. As is reflected by the content of this website, E & F, Inc. concentrates on publishing books, worksheets, pamphlets and professional journals for the vocational and forensic rehabilitation profession. Combined with The Athens Printing Company, a printing operation wholly owned by E & F, Inc., the staff of the two companies is comprised of 12–14 people with skills in graphic composition, sales and customer service, clerical support, printing and finishing, research and development for publications, and professional consulting.


In addition to the permanent staff, E & F has contracted with many people on a royalty basis for assistance in developing targeted resources for the publications produced by the company. E & F also has developed a wonderful association with 20+ people who often will individually and/or collectively engage in projects related to consulting, publishing and/or training.

A Note From Tim

Dear Professionals:

The world of rehabilitation consulting has changed significantly over the last decade or two. With the advent of the Daubert and Kumho rulings on the admissibility of expert testimony, there is a required effort for professionals to use resources that address the primary concerns and requirements of peer review and general acceptance by the profession.

As you will see as you review our publication list, resources are developed and published at E&F that achieve this goal. Many of the authors who publish with us are experienced professionals, and our publications include a diversity of opinion and intellectual resources that reflect the current methodological developments by forensic rehabilitation consultants. Future publications (several are in the works) will include topics on diverse issues in the forensic area written by a wide variety of authors representing different points-of-view.


Our Staff


Timothy F. Field, PhD

is President of the company, and serves primarily in areas of consulting to the profession, authoring and editing publications, an occasional speaker at rehabilitation and legal conferences, and leader and organizer of E & F seminars.



Tim's Vita


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Janet E. Field, MA

is a specialist in the areas of statistics and computer science and has been the architect of the Classifications of Jobs from the beginning. Janet is also the financial officer of the company.


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