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Transferability Worksheet

The Transferability Worksheet is designed to complete a VDARE analysis from pre to post injury worker trait comparisons.  This worksheet is to be used with the new Transitional COJ (2004) which is arranged to utilize the expanded list of 72 worker traits.


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Interview Worksheet

The Interview Worksheet is a comprehensive and easy-to-use form that includes personal, family, military, education & training, employment, physical & medical, and financial data as well as specific vocational experience and observational comments.


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Life Care Planning Worksheets

The LCP worksheets were originally drafted by Paul Deutsch and come in five sets of 18 different worksheets.  Excellent resource in developing a life care plan.


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Functional Capacities Checklist

The FCC is a listing of 165 behavior and descriptive statements regarding an evaluees physical functioning such as strength, vision, hearing, movement, and various daily activities.  This checklist can be self-administered to reading evaluees or administered by the counselor or evaluator. (Burke & Dillman, 1984).


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ADA Job Analysis Worksheet

An eight-page worksheet, the ADA Job Analysis is an excellent tool to use as a guide in developing a comprehensive job analysis.  Formatted in such a way as to remind the user of important ADA-related information.


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