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Guidelines to Writing and Publishing Your Book  The staff at E & F, Inc. can help you get your book into print.  If you are thinking of writing a book, or have a book in draft form, it sometimes is difficult to interest one of the big publishers in your project. E & F may be your best option.  Here are some items to consider in successfully getting your book published. MORE


Desk Copies

Requests for a desk copy must be made on university or college department letterhead. Request must include the name and address of the bookstore that will be placing the order. A store number should be included if applicable (e.g., Barnes & Noble #999, Follett #222, University Bookstore #888). Requests may be faxed or mailed. A desk copy will be shipped to the department address once a bookstore order for ten or more of a book title has been processed and shipped.


Review Copies

Review Copies are available at a 25% discount. Requests for review copies must be made on university or college department letterhead. The order must be prepaid by check, Master Card or Visa. Requests may be faxed with credit card information or mailed with payment.


A refund for the cost of the book (less shipping/handling) will be made when a bookstore order for ten or more of a book title has been processed and shipped. Please provide information as indicated below (see Desk Copies) once department has placed the bookstore order.


Review copies can be returned within 20 days. Reviewer must call for Return Authorization Number and information. A refund for the cost of the book (less shipping/handling) will be made once review copy is returned. Returned copies must be in saleable condition.



Occasionally, E & F will offer a seminar on some specialized topic with Dr. Tim Field as the seminar leader/coordinator. More often, however, Tim will be a speaker or presenter at a regional or national conference throughout the year. The site will also list conferences or seminars which may be of interest to professionals in the rehabilitation field.

Check our website periodically for announcements and information about upcoming seminars!


Student Copies

E&F also provides a service to students who are enrolled in college/university classes in which the instructor has adopted one or more E&F Publications. In the past, bookstores purchase the texts at a discount but must increase the cost beyond the normal retail price.

E&F offers direct sales to students at a 10% discount for any adopted text(s). The student must identify the instructor, college/university, and class number when placing the order. Faculty must provide this information on university/college department letterhead along with number of enrolled students to E&F via fax/mail. Once notification has been received, student may order using MC/Visa.

Books will generally be shipped within one business day. Standard shipping charges will apply, including additional charges for residential delivery.


Distance Learning

E & F, Inc. is pleased to offer the following arrangement for colleges and universities developing courses for Distance Learning programs:

Faculty have the opportunity to acquire review copies of any E & F text for distance learning courses. Faculty can purchase the review copy as indicted under Review Policy. A refund for the purchase price will be issued once 10 copies have been purchased by students enrolled in the class. If a text is adopted for a distance learning course, the faculty would notify E & F of the adoption, along with information about the course and an estimated number of students. E & F would then ship directly to the student (by-passing the college bookstore) for added convenience to both the instructor and student.

Students who are enrolled in a distance learning course utilizing an E & F text would be able to call E & F directly to order the book. The student, when requesting a copy of the text by calling 800.843.4977, would identify the instructor, the college/university and the course title, provide a MC or VISA number, and a street mailing address. Standard shipping/handling charges will apply. The text would be shipped within one day.



At Elliott & Fitzpatrick, in concert with Athens Printing Company, we can assist with the planning and development of short run publications at a reasonable price, with short turnaround, and excellent quality. Between E & F and APC, we have the experience and resources to produce an attractive book in either soft cover or with case binding (hard cover). Consider some of the possibilities that may be of interest to you personally, or to your associates and affiliations.  MORE



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