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Short Run Publications


At Elliott & Fitzpatrick, in concert with Athens Printing Company, we can assist with the planning and development of short run publications at a reasonable price, with short turnaround, and excellent quality. Between E & F and APC, we have the experience and resources to produce an attractive book in either soft cover or with case binding (hard cover). Consider some of the possibilities that may be of interest to you personally, or to your associates and affiliations:

  • Academic and Professional Journals
  • A Family Genealogy
  • Books of Art and Poetry or Prose
  • Cookbooks
  • Training and/or Technical Manuals
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Story Books (of all kinds and topics)


Selecting Texts and Covers


Text paper ranges from 50 to 100# weight and can be either book or gloss (coated); the latter is best for producing color such as with photos or graphics. For binding there are several choices including saddle stitching (usually two staples at the spine of 80 pages or less), coil or spiral (excellent for books that need to lie flat), or case binding (hard cover). Perfect binding is excellent for books 1/4 inch thick or more (up to 500 pages) and can be used with both soft cover books or books with case binding.


In addition, the selection of cover stock and text paper can result in many options as well. The least expensive approach is to use commodity cover (C1S - coated one side), and 50 to 60# bond/book paper for the text. However, there are many different types of stock (book, vellum, matte, gloss) available to provide a very distinctive look to your publication. This is especially true of the cover such as adding a UV coating which gives a very shiny appearance to the finished product. When using color selectively throughout the text (like color photos), it is preferable to select a matte or gloss stock which will result in more distinctive colors and appearance for the images.


Likewise, there are several types of binding that can be used (see chart). Sometimes the type of publication will dictate the preferred bindery – a cook book would be best with a coil or spiral binding. This would permit the book to remain open and flat when in use. A novel, training manual, or a conference proceedings might be best with a perfect (glue) binding.



Case Binding for Your Book

Athens Printing, with the recent acquisition of new equipment, now has the capabilities to produce your book in hard cover. Any design or graphics, from single color to full color, is available, and the cover can be laminated with a high gloss UV coating to make your book especially attractive. While most short-run books are produced with a soft cover,  case binding is an attractive alternative. Pricing is available upon request.



Pricing Your Book

The cost of producing your book can vary widely depending of the variables (selections) of text weight paper, book or coated text paper, color printing (photos or more than one color on a page), the type of cover and binding selected (soft or case, and a selection of the binding process). Another significant factor would be the number of copies you would need; the greater the number of copies the less the cost per copy. Another large issue is the typesetting and formatting of your publication. While we do not provide services for typing your text, we can help to typeset your page layouts and provide the necessary formatting of the entire project. We also would prefer to have your book produced by you in “camera-ready” format which means the project/book is ready to go directly to production. The more work that is done on your end is a very good way to reduce the costs of the publication. The staff would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a free estimate of the cost to produce your book.



The ISBN Number and Bar Code

The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a number assigned through a government source which helps to reference your book if it is to be marketed though bookstores or websites. A corresponding bar code number is also assigned which would be required for the retail market. E & F can obtain both the ISBN and Bar Code for your publication for as little as $150 - $175.00. Books of a more personal nature (genealogies, cookbooks, story books, etc.) which will not be commercially marketed will not need either the number or code.


All of these decisions can be achieved by consulting with one of our staff who can show you the various options and help you make the best selections for your project. For more information, contact Tim (706.548.8161) or Chan (706.353.2632), or email us your ideas and preferences regarding your publication. We welcome the chance to consult with you.


To learn more about our printing and publishing capabilities, visit our Athens Printing website: www.athensprinting.com.


For additional information on self-publishing, we recommend you review the following publication: Publishing Basics: Navigating the Self-Publishing Minefield (4th ed.), by Johnson, R.B. & Pramschufer, Ron (can be reviewed from Google).

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